Mobile or Console Gaming. Who’s The Real Gamer?

August 14, 2018


Get out your rulers and let’s debate. Who’s the real gamer? Console platform gamers or mobile platform gamers, decide for your self after my points below. If I’m being honest I’m going to say all gamers are equal regardless of the platform they are playing on. Feel free to change my mind but fair warning my horoscopes Taurus so I’m stubborn but also a great lover.

The very first known mobile phone game was Tetris on Hagenuk MT-2000 device from 1994 followed by Snake in 1997. In 1998 Siemens S10 was the first mobile phone with color. By 2007 iPhone was released which resulted in a huge leap in graphics in mobile phone gaming.

Argument one. Mobile games are free to play or are pay to win. This is in fact very true. Because of this console gamers feel a certain superiority much like the same way PC gamers look down on console platform gamers. There is a laundry list of great free games. Fallout Shelter,Asphalt 8 Airborne, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Vain Glory, Clash Royale, Star Wars Commander, Marvel Strike Force, Angry Birds, Pokémon Go, Real Racing and many more. It’s very easy to get lost in these games for hours no differently than a game someone paid $60 for which leads us to agree at the end of the day purchase price of the game whether mobile or console doesn’t really matter.

Argument two. Consoles have controllers which enhances the gameplay experience. This is true except mobile phones can now connect to PS4 and Xbox controllers for an equally deep gameplay experience. If anything mobile gamers win here with more options be it touch screen, controllers, 3D and AR gaming.l and even the ability to stream their game on a smart tv.

Argument three. Mobile games are short term games that don’t have stories or actual beginning and ends. Yes, Candy Crush and many other shovalware games fit this issue but consoles aren’t without their bargain bin shovlaware titles either. Especially Nintendo Wii. Today mobile games can last up to 100+ hours with games such as Knights Of Tye Old Republic, XCOM: Enemy Within, GTA: Chinatown Wars and not to mention RPG ports like Final Fantasy 1 through 9.


Argument four. Can’t resale mobile games. Yes, you can resale mobile games; however, digital console game sales are on the rise and companies like are feeling the pains of this effect. More and more people are buying digital for their consoles. By 2030 we could have consoles without discs. Who knows.

In the end all these arguments against mobile gaming were true in early years of cell phones in the mid nineties and early 2000’s.. To rip on the mobile gaming generation now is to hash out old rhetoric talking points which don’t exist now. Mobile has advanced and it’s here to stay and some experts even think mobile will eventually kill consoles but who’s to say.We are all real gamers.  Let’s come together as a gaming community and not bash one and another because nobody likes fanboyism. 

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