Rockstar Games Teases Fan with Red Dead Redemption 2 Character Quotes

September 7, 2018

Rockstar Games, twitter handle @RockstarGames, teases fans with images on twitter relating to Red Dead Redemption 2.  With no rhym or reason Rockstar Games over the last 10 hours today uploaded images one by one of characters from Red Dead Redemption 2.  Images were done in classic RDR style with red and black contained character name, character picture and their quote.  


Red Dead Redemption 2, set to release in late October, looks to revolutionize the way characters interact with each other in the open world creating new elements in gameplay.  RDR2 appears to combine elements from LA Noir, GTA and the previous RDR.


From the series of images posted on Twitter my favorite quote was from Sean MacGuire who said "just leave it to me.  I can talk a dog off a meat wagon."  








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