Pokémon: Let's Go Release Date & Bundles Announced on Switch

September 12, 2018


 Nintendo announced Pokémon: Let's Go bundle packages.  In total there are two console preorder bundles at $399.99 which includes the Nintendo Switch console, your choice of Let's Go Pikachu game or Let's Go Eevee game and a Pokémon Go Ball.   Two Pokémon Plus Ball bundles for $99.99 which include Let's Go Pikachu game or Let's Go Eevee game and a Pokémon Go Ball.  You can preorder any of these bundles or just the game for $59.99.


Release date is set for November 16th, 2018.  Per Nintendo's new release "In the game, you start out as a brand-new Pokémon Trainer. You’ll meet, catch, and raise many Pokémon on your journey to improve your skills and become the best Pokémon Trainer that you can be. Along the way, you’ll help all sorts of people and thwart the dastardly plans of those who wish to take advantage of Pokémon for their nefarious ends. Of course, you can’t accomplish this alone—you’ll need to work with your partner Pikachu or partner Eevee along with the rest of your Pokémon allies!"


You’ll meet either Pikachu or Eevee when you begin your adventure. Pikachu or Eevee will be your partner throughout your adventure and grow with you. Unlike regular Pokémon, your partner prefers to be out of its Poké Ball, so it will stay with you by hanging on your shoulder or riding on your head. It also seems to have no interest in evolving!

Your partner will look a little different depending on whether it’s a male or female. You’ll have to see for yourself which gender your partner will be!










Partner Eevee

It has a fluffy mane of fur around its neck. Some people say it can start to look like the Trainer that becomes its partner. Your partner Eevee will ride on your head during your adventure!


Partner Pikachu

It has red electric sacs on its cheeks, and it raises its tail to check its surroundings. Your partner Pikachu will travel with you by riding on your shoulder. The tip of the tail of a female Pikachu is shaped like a heart.






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