All You Need To Know: Nintendo Switch Online Subscription

September 16, 2018



Nintendo has finally entered the arena of paid for online services.  I can’t help but think Nintendo never wanted to do this but had to.  Nintendo subscribes to a low cost high volume sales model while always selling products at a profit and never taking a loss be it hardware sales or games and offering this service cuts into their marketing as a console of low cost.  I believe they see the need for online services and refuse to use console sales as a means to pay for the maintenance of such services.  Never the less here we are, Nintendo has unveiled Nintendo Switch Online.  Below I’ll list some of the features of such services.


Let’s start with the bad.  If you’ve been playing online with your Nintendo Switch then by September 18th you won’t be able to unless you pay for Nintendo Online.  As for the cloud save function not all games out the gate will use the cloud save feature.  We can assume this will be corrected over time.  Not all Classic NES games will be available at launch and there doesn’t seam to be a voting system of sorts on what gets released next.  You’ll have to make sure the Switch is online at least once a week to maintain rights to play the Classic NES library.  One negative about the cloud game saves feature is the moment your Nintendo Switch Online expires so will your cloud games saves.


Nintendo Online Five Features


Online Play: 

Nintendo Switch Online memberships include online play in games including Splatoon™ 2, Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate, and more from the start.  Classic NES games will have the online function to play with friends across the internet.







Smartphone App:  You can voice chat while you play via the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app on select games.  This doesn’t seam like deal breaker versus using a headset but is odd.  The app you will need to download is Nintendo Switch Online. 




Classic NES games:  Nintendo plans to have Classic NES games available day one.  Nintendo has given a schedule of games coming from now till December to give us an idea of more Classic NES releases.  As mentioned above Classic NES will have online play available.





Launching Classic NES games



Donkey Kong™

Mario Bros.™

Super Mario Bros.™

Balloon Fight™

Ice Climber™

Dr. Mario™

The Legend of Zelda™

Super Mario Bros.™ 3

Double Dragon

River City Ransom

Ghosts'n Goblins™

Tecmo Bowl


Pro Wrestling



Ice Hockey



October releases

Solomon’s Key - Tecmo

NES™ Open Tournament Golf - Nintendo

Super Dodge Ball - CSG Imagesoft Inc


November releases

Metroid - Nintendo

Mighty Bomb Jack - Tecmo

Twinbee - Konami



Wario’s Woods - Nintendo

Ninja Gaiden - Tecmo

Adventures Of LoLo - Hal America Inc 




Save Data Cloud:  “Game data will automatically save to the cloud when you have an internet connection. No complicated settings or updates required.  Save data is linked to your Nintendo Account, so you can access it by signing in. If you move to a new system, you can pick up right where you left off in your game by downloading your data.” - Nintendo



Special Offers: Nintendo may offer exclusive items through special offers.  The first special offer is a NES styled Switch Controllers for $59.99.  It features classic NES appearance, rechargeable battery which can be charged by connecting to the Nintendo Switch, set of two controllers.




Nintendo Switch Online begins September 18th, 2018.



1 month is $3.99

3 months is $7.99

12 months is $19.99

Family membership with two to seven accounts $34.99






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